Rockwood Conservation Area   Rockwood Ontario Canada

tent at camping site Hpim0276.jpg (13259 bytes)
dam waterfall at end of lake Hpim0282.jpg (13500 bytes)
view of stream from dam beach Hpim0283.jpg (15917 bytes)
view of beach at dam bridge Hpim0285.jpg (11405 bytes)
view of beach at dam bridge Hpim0286.jpg (14515 bytes)
view of beach and lake Hpim0288.jpg (11246 bytes)
view of dam bridge at beach Hpim0289.jpg (12163 bytes)
view of tent raft from beach Hpim0290.jpg (10032 bytes)
vire of canoe from beach Hpim0294.jpg (11000 bytes)
old mill Hpim0301.jpg (9225 bytes)
bridge in old mill Hpim0321.jpg (15597 bytes)
old mill Hpim0325.jpg (12448 bytes)
bridge in old mill Hpim0342.jpg (14394 bytes)
bridge in mill Hpim0345.jpg (12825 bytes)
view away leaving mill Hpim0346.jpg (16555 bytes)
view away from mill Hpim0347.jpg (13568 bytes)
bridge at mill Hpim0349.jpg (13955 bytes)
marker before mill Hpim0350.jpg (12844 bytes)
river dam at mill Hpim0354.jpg (13645 bytes)
river dam at mill Hpim0355.jpg (13647 bytes)
river at mill Hpim0357.jpg (12239 bytes)
river at mill Hpim0359.jpg (11877 bytes)
canoe at upper dam Hpim0363.jpg (15418 bytes)
pathway from mill Hpim0366.jpg (11423 bytes)
weeds Hpim0367.jpg (14774 bytes)
pathway from mill Hpim0368.jpg (13288 bytes)
road from mill Hpim0378.jpg (11278 bytes)
mill across river Hpim0379.jpg (11796 bytes)
road from mill Hpim0380.jpg (13545 bytes)
road from mill Hpim0382.jpg (11007 bytes)
mill across river Hpim0383.jpg (12101 bytes)
road to cave Hpim0386.jpg (12885 bytes)
cliff across river Hpim0387.jpg (14602 bytes)
cliff across river Hpim0391.jpg (11890 bytes)
small cave entrance Hpim0392.jpg (14331 bytes)
small cave entrance Hpim0393.jpg (15493 bytes)
inside large cave Hpim0398.jpg (12479 bytes)
inside large cave Hpim0399.jpg (13190 bytes)
cave entrance Hpim0400.jpg (9960 bytes)
inside cave Hpim0402.jpg (13057 bytes)
inside cave Hpim0403.jpg (13442 bytes)
outside view from inside cave Hpim0404.jpg (11809 bytes)
cliff across river Hpim0405.jpg (14680 bytes)
cave entrance Hpim0406.jpg (12826 bytes)
cave entrance Hpim0408.jpg (16159 bytes)
cave entrance Hpim0409.jpg (16419 bytes)
cave entrance Hpim0410.jpg (14955 bytes)
cliff across river Hpim0413.jpg (13760 bytes)
abandon house Hpim0414.jpg (14877 bytes)
abandon house Hpim0415.jpg (14450 bytes)
road to abandon house Hpim0419.jpg (14576 bytes)
abandon house Hpim0420.jpg (14012 bytes)
stream Hpim0421.jpg (15873 bytes)